The Artist

Lucia Starkey is a painter who lives and works at the outer edge of Boston's Metro West. Her work explores divinity, gender, performance and intimacy, as well as the whimsy inherent in those themes.

Stuffed Canvas

Each painting starts with a sketch, which the artist transfers to cotton canvas cloth, and sews into a poppet. She then affixes the poppet, or doll, to a stretched canvas, and uses acrylic molding paste to blend the two together. Lucia uses acrylic paints to emphasize, embellish, and contextualize the poppets, creating provocative and surreal stories with her work.

"Combining sewn poppets with my painting was something I started when a health crisis made my eyes blurry, and I feared that I might lose my vision. I wanted to create an art style that I could continue by feel, if need be. I was lucky, my problem was eventually diagnosed, and my sight restored, but that experience left me with the gift of this media style, which combines decades of sewing experience with my fine art practice."